UCLA Off-Campus Living: Mix Fun & Growth with 22 Unique Activities

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Living at off-campus UCLA apartments with roommates can be an enriching experience, providing the chance to mix diverse backgrounds and interests under one roof and promote personal growth and the discovery of new experiences. Co-living space in a rental apartment may even become an exciting journey of discovery and friendship!

Connecting with roommates while balancing academic and personal obligations can be challenging, which is why engaging in enjoyable activities together is vital for strengthening bonds, alleviating stress and creating lasting memories.

This blog highlights 22 activities you and your UCLA roommates can enjoy together. From campus tours to concert outings, there is something suitable for everyone's interests! Your UCLA roommates offer 22 activities you can enjoy together.


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  1. Make and invite friends over for a potluck meal. Recipe sharing, group cooking sessions and enjoying meals together is an enjoyable way to learn new cooking methods and try out new cuisine.
  2. Plan an exciting movie night. Pick a theme, set up cozy seating arrangements and enjoy snacks and beverages while watching movies. Watching movies together is an excellent way to break the ice between roommates when moving in together, without needing to speak directly with one another. You might not even need to speak directly!Around UCLA
  3. Explore the campus and surrounding areas; you may discover unexpected treasures. From walking or riding your bicycle around, to just lounging around and relaxing with friends and roommates. Explore all that awaits you by making time for some exploration of this vast space! Near UCLA are San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara - three iconic destinations worth visiting.
  4. For an engaging way to spend quality time together, host a board, video, or card gaming night
  5. College life offers many opportunities for involvement through clubs and organizations. Are you interested in the history and culture of the College? Joining the Historical Society may help. They host lectures, tours and events. Plus their annual book sale provides a fantastic opportunity to buy books about history! The Young Democrats Club (YDC) is another club worth considering, providing students with political education throughworkshops, debates and speakers.gaming night
  6. Join a music festival near you or explore venues for music in your neighborhood and discover new sounds while having a good time! You may just discover something great!
  7. Attend a cultural festival and discover and experience new cultures while trying out exotic cuisine. Have an adventuresome journey full of discoveries and fun adventures!
  8. College is incomplete without its share of parties! Unfortunately, it's not an easy feat to host one; though some students might be able to host larger gatherings if they live together in an apartment instead of dormitory living conditions. Socialize with them freely while keeping noise levels down and cleaning the area afterward. A party that goes out of control could result in your expulsion or eviction from college.music festival near UCLA
  9. Santa Monica Pier is an excellent spot for strolling. Enjoy all that Santa Monica Pier has to offer with its sights and sounds!
  10. Plan a karaoke night, forget all your worries, and just sing away! Karaoke can provide the perfect opportunity to relax, have some fun, and let loose.karaoke
  11. Plan a weekend getaway to explore nearby cities, enjoy time at the beach, or go camping as a wonderful way to get away from campus and create lasting memories.
  12. Get to the gym or grab something to eat - whatever suits your schedule best! If your housing rental application is approved, Renty.ai awaits your arrival with dining options, fitness facilities and study areas galore!UCLA apartments with gym
  13. Visit the Hammer Museum Experience special events at the museum as well as its art exhibits.
  14. Bring blankets, snacks and picnic baskets for an enjoyable picnic experience at one of the scenic areas on campus. Host BBQ is to relax and share delicious food with friends outdoors, hosting your barbeque is an enjoyable way to do just that.BBQ
  15. Most students consider planning a college road trip an essential experience. Even if your roommate is an unknown freshman, traveling together can be great fun! Travel is an excellent way to introduce yourself and meet potential roommates.
  16. Joining a sports team, fitness class or hiking expedition together can be an ideal way to keep active while creating bonds between roommates. UCLA has many teams that play these disciplines - football, basketball and baseball are among them - so make time to attend one together! Something will always be going on here! Bring along some tasty snacks so everyone can share in the fun.sports teamSource: Unsplash
  17. Attend a Comedy Show: Head out into your community and have some laughs; this can be an excellent way to unwind and reduce stress levels.
  18. Attend an event at UCLA: Cheer on fellow Bruins during volleyball, basketball or football games!
  19. Volunteer Together Come take part in UCLA Volunteer Day and other community service activities with your roommates! This is a fantastic opportunity to bond while giving back to the local community.UCLA Roommates
  20. Create your DIY day. Decorate your apartment to make it unique, showing your creativity while personalizing it further.
  21. Discover all kinds of flowers and plants at UCLA Botanical Garden.
  22. Make memories while having fun by visiting one of these iconic theme parks - Disneyland, Universal Studios or Six Flags Magic Mountain are great places for everyone - whether they be old or young! They provide fun experiences where children can indulge in all their childhood fun again!UCLA

Co-living with roommates at off-campus UCLA apartments goes beyond just sharing a space - it's about forging relationships and creating a supportive community. By taking part in enjoyable activities together, you can enhance your living experience, develop teamwork skills, and create memories that last beyond your college years.

These 2suggestions aim to inspire you to spend more quality time with your UCLA roommates and share more quality moments. Embark upon new adventures together by being open-minded, communicating your interests, and being willing to try new experiences; living with roommates provides a unique opportunity for personal growth and development.

Jump headfirst into an unforgettable college journey, explore something new, and cherish every moment together! Your experiences will form invaluable memories during this period.

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